D¢ (D-cent)

The performance alter ego of Dan Corkill.

Open Mic/Jam Session/Live Band Karaoke

On Mondays I play keyboard and sing at the Florence, MA VFW Open Mic/Jam Session/Live Karaoke nights hosted by Greg Reil. It's an informal, relaxed setting that differs every week depending on who stops by to play or sing. Here's a YouTube playist of an audio recording selected each week from those sessions.


I began singing karaoke in the Fall of 2015 and now sing karaoke regularly. Here are the nearly 300 songs that I have attempted to date.

Supervised Clinical Trial

I'm keyboardist in Supervised Clinical Trial (SCT band).

Rock Voices

My wife Susan and I been members of Rock Voices since the Summer of Queen in 2013. Rock Voices is a community chorus that is like a rock band with hundreds of singers. Learn more about them on their website or search for some performance videos on YouTube.

The Tiers

The Tiers was a four-person rock cover band operating out of Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1960s. Yes, I was a member, long before I became D¢. Check them out...

Social Media


Last updated: December 4, 2018